Monday, February 21, 2011

Contribution to Fandoms Fight the Floods - Covetous

I have been very busy lately with writing for a few fundraising efforts, this time for one very close to my heart as it involved flooding in my home state of Queensland, Australia that affected family and friends personally. 

The fundraiser blog is here and contains information on where to donate to be eligible for this compilation of one-shot fics from over 170 fandom writers.

Queensland, Australia suffered terrible floods in the month of January which covered an area roughly the size of Texas.  Since this fundraiser commenced, northern Queensland also suffered through a Category 5 Cyclone which also caused flooding in Victoria , a southern state of Australia.  It is estimated that it will take over 2 years to rebuild after such huge losses so your donations to this cause are much appreciated.

I chose to write an epilogue for Covet, my entry in the 'In the Closet' contest - it was a vamp slash one-shot and many reviewers wondered what happened here it is - well the teaser anyway. To see the whole fic please donate and you will receive as part of the compilation.  The story will post on my fanfiction profile sometime in June. 

If you haven't read the original one-shot, Covet, and would like to, you can read it here.

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Summary: For fifty years, Jasper had been torn between his secret love for Edward, his mate and his duty to Alice, his wife, for saving his soul.  Now, by a twist of fate, Jasper is free to be with Edward and learns just how covetous his mate can be.


"Alice let me into her mind this morning,” he told me sombrely. “She showed me everything she’s been having visions of since she met the family; and please, believe me when I tell you that she didn't want to deceive you, Jasper. It was truly the only way for us to be together as well as for her and Bella to be together. She showed me some of the outcomes if she had done things differently and it wasn’t pretty. I can barely stand to think what I would have done to that harmless little child if we’d come to Forks any earlier than we did.” Edward shuddered as he relived Alice’s vision.

“I do believe you, Edward. It’s just been so much to take in. After all these years of waiting and hoping, suddenly everything has changed for us overnight and I can’t help but feel that this is all a dream that I will wake up from. I feel a little afraid of happiness being snatched away right in front of me again. I’m still in shock and can’t seem to shake this feeling that something will go wrong.”

Edward’s mood shifted suddenly from almost euphoric to downright melancholy at my words. I felt terrible, bursting his bubble of happiness and wished I’d kept my thoughts to myself.

Edward snorted at that! Yeah, fat lot of good that would have done when I’m in love with a mind-reader!

"And he’s desperately in love with you, too.” Edward spoke fervently, his eyes glittering with something; an intensity and openness that I’d yet to see in them before. Normally, his gaze, although loving when we were alone, looked tortured and resigned to a love unfulfilled.

I am such a dick! We’ve only waited an excruciatingly long fifty odd years to be together in truth and I fuck everything up within the first few minutes. We should be rejoicing at our good fortune, this chance to start a new life together and explore the world as the mated couple we should have been from the start.

Edward was shaking his head at my thoughts, but I needed to say this out loud. I needed to fix what my errant worries had caused. No more shall I bring those dark shadows to Edward’s eyes or the deepest depths of misery to his heart. I shifted in my seat, bringing me closer to Edward and my free hand reached to gently cup his jaw, my lips placed feather light kisses along its chiselled length.

"Fuck, Edward! I’m so sorry. I’m such a fool. Of course I’m happy to be with you, ecstatically happy and I can’t wait to start our lives together. I’ve had to hide my love for you far too long and I can think of nothing better than spending the rest of eternity with you.”

Thankfully, I could feel the uncertainty receding from Edward’s emotions at my words and thoughts. At that moment, I knew what I wanted…no, what I needed to make me believe this was real and not a wonderful dream I would awaken from.

“Edward, I’d really like to stop if we can for a little while. Things have moved too fast this morning and I am a little bit of a mess actually. I need to feel your arms around me, to ground me…to center me. Is that okay?”

Edward nodded thoughtfully and then jerked the steering wheel sharply to the left, steering the Volvo into a secluded turnoff deep within the forest alongside the highway heading into Seattle. As Edward switched off the ignition, he turned to me and took my face into his hands, smiling as he gently took my lips in a soft slow kiss.

With the first brush of his lips against mine, his long fingers stroking my jaw, everything else simply fell away; it was just the two of us in this moment and would be every moment thereafter.

"Jasper, I've waited so long for this. I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to be with you fully and openly; to be able to proclaim you as my mate and lover to the entire world. It's all so surreal! This is the best day of my life next to the day you walked into it. I love you with all my heart and soul and to be able to kiss you and touch you and make love to you when you're mine and mine alone is everything to me.”

“Everything,” he whispered into my ear reverently.

Suz xxxxx