Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beautiful Tyrant - Weekly Pic Tease

The pic tease for this weeks daily drabble posts made by vbfb1:

And last week's which I tweeted but couldn't post here:

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Beautiful Tyrant - new daily drabble fic

Quite out of the blue an idea for a drabble fic popped into my head and wouldn't be stuffed back into the plot bunny folder.  I'm quite excited about it and to date have written a month's worth of drabbles in advance of posting.  The story has been inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

Beautiful Tryrant will start posting next Saturday 23 June and then continue daily with one post a day.

Here is a little tease for the story:

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A modern day story of a Romeo and his Juliet.  A tale of love and woe told in 100 word daily drabbles. Will this love affair end in tragedy too?  Edward and Bella.  AH.

Starting this Wednesday and continuing each Wednesday after that I will post a pic tease for the next week's updates (made by the lovely and talented vbfb1).

Stay tuned.  

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!

It was my beta's birthday yesterday, 15 July - Happy Birthday beans827 - and because she means so much to me, I decided to write her a little story for her birthday present which included some of her favourite things.  I stumbled across beans on a twilighted thread offering beta services late in 2009 and clicking on the reply button was the best decision ever.  Beans has had to put up with a lot over the last 18mths  - not enought comma's, then too many comma's and to this day I still manage to switch tenses part way through chapters.  I'm sure it drives her crazy but she is always gracious, and hasn't turfed me for being too much of a pain in the arse, yet!

Apart from being my long suffering beta, beans has become a very good friend and we chat daily along with pyjammies, who beans introduced me to.  Pyjammies stepped up to beta this little fic, of course at the last minute, because as per usual my idea of nice little one-shot turned into a 3 chap mini-fic and I finished it and posted it on FF on the day. Thank you P :-)

So, in honour of bean's birthday and her love of Edward and Jasper (together, together) and our own little crush - here is Little Blue Heart:

This gorgeous banner was made by the talented, and lovely, vbfb1 - links to her work here.


A scientist with a little crush. A porn star looking for more. Whatever could these two have in common? Slash EdwardxJasper A little birthday fic for beans827


Part 1 - Just a litte crush

Just because I knew some little known facts about a gorgeous, lean, twink porn star, did not mean I was a stalker.  I knew these things because I was interested in the enigma that was Jazz Hale and not just for his bleached blond hair, award-winning peen and round-cheeked ass.  He was soft-hearted, wickedly funny and smart.  When he smiled, and looked deep into the camera with those amazing blue eyes, something twisted in my chest as much as it caused my cock to harden and my balls to pull up. 

Part 2 - More than meets the eye
Outwardly I had performed for the cameras as if nothing was wrong, but inside I was slowly dying.  My blond, outgoing, porn persona, Jazz Hale, loved sex and loved performing for the camera, but the whole time I was getting fucked, I was secretly wishing that people were as interested in my brain as they were in my asshole.    I had the odd fan here and there that seemed interested in what I had to say, in my opinions, but they were few and far between.  I still persisted in saying my piece about controversial topics of the day, but most comments or tweets I received back were usually of the ‘put your mouth to better use and suck my cock’ variety, than reasoned thoughts.  My favourite blog follower rarely put in an appearance, but when he did his words were always a balm to my soul.  He took on the nastiest of my haters with such eloquence and stalwart support.  I always replied and tried coaxing him into a conversation, but he was either too shy or rarely online as he never entered into any discussions with me.

Part 3 - Do you feel it?

As soon as I opened the door, I saw the twin beds in front of me and a tall, gorgeous drink of water leaping to his feet to greet me. Flash looked very familiar but I was struggling to remember where I would have known him from. He’d told me he’d worked in customer service so maybe he’d graced the reception of a hotel I’d stayed in or a shop I’d been to previously. The startling blue of his eyes which were highlighted by the darkness of his hair, drawn back away from his face, was most unsettling. I’d swear that I’d seen them before and recently. I had no time to ponder our possible earlier encounter though, as Flash simultaneously gripped my right hand in his to shake, and leaned in to clasp his other arm around me in a man-hug.

“Edward, it’s so good to finally meet you, man. I’ve been looking forward to this for months,” He murmured against the skin of my neck. I shivered at the contact and leaned into his hug.

Well clung more like it. Flash smelled so damn good and felt even better.

 The link to the 3 chapters posted on is here.
beans827 has also written 2 one-shots herself, one a collab with me for the Jekyll & Hyde contest. She has started on a third, a baseball orientated one-shot, so show her some belated birthday love and check them out here.
Suz xxx