Monday, April 12, 2010

Teaser 2 - Chap 3 of Menage a Trois

Chap 3 - Missed Opportunities - Jasper

All too soon, the school year came to an end and we were forced to go our separate ways. It had always been a tradition in my family to join the military and I was no different. Being brought up in that life, I had made the decision a long time ago to follow in my father’s footsteps and joined the army. I was starting basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia. Bella had been accepted into Harvard Business School in Boston seeing as how she was hell bent on getting out of Forks as soon as she could.

Our parting had been bittersweet and we had promised each other faithfully to stay in touch. To our credit, we did stay in touch by text, email and phone calls. My training was gruelling and time off was at a minimum. Then one Friday, six months after training had commenced, I had four days off and I used them to surprise Bella at her dorm.

Earlier in the day she had told me that she was staying in that night and painting her nails so I felt confident that we would be able to catch up in person. I could barely contain my excitement at seeing her again and hoped that this time she might see me as something more than a friend.

As soon as my plane had touched down, I had hailed a cab and directed it straight to Bella’s place. I decided I could check in to the hotel later, but I couldn’t wait any longer to see her. I was still wearing the army fatigues that I had donned early in the morning and hoped Bella wouldn’t mind that I hadn’t taken the time to change into civilian wear.

On my way through the university grounds, I came across a flower bed with pale pink and white tulips, Bella’s favourite. I surreptiously reached out and snagged a handful of the not quite open buds to give to my girl.

I found her dorm room easily and was just about to lift my hand to knock when I heard the sound of Bella moaning coming from the other side. My heart plummeted at the sound. Bella had told me only a few days ago that she had broken up with yet another boyfriend before it had gotten serious because it just hadn’t felt right. Judging by the sounds coming from the room beyond, Bella had quickly found someone else to replace the loser.

My hands clenched at my sides, mirroring the pain in my heart, as I watched dispassionately as the mangled remains of the flower posy scattered over the floor in front of Bella’s door.

Thank God I had not told Bella I was coming. It would have been too mortifying to have blurted out my feelings for her only to find that she already had someone else in her life. I leaned my forehead against the door just to catch a whiff of the heady scent that was Bella’s and then I was leaving. No sooner had I rested my weight against the door than it sprang open, the catch obviously unhooked. What greeted my eyes was like a scene from my favorite porn movie.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pic and teaser for Chap 3 of Menage a Trois

Coming up soon - Chapter 3: Jasper's POV

MaT - Library

I found out that day that Bella had only moved to town a few weeks earlier than I had and she had thought that she had become friends with Jessica and Lauren. Once the novelty of hanging out with the new girl had worn off, they had reverted to their normal selves. The last week had been a litany of nasty comments about her lack of trendy clothes, her boring brown hair and eyes, her lack of make-up and being the police chief’s goody two- shoes daughter.

Today they had started on the absence of her mother and she had fled to the library to stay out of their way. I shyly admitted to hiding out as well, although Bella confessed to not understanding why such a cute boy was worried about being picked on. I blushed, and once Bella realized what she had said, she blushed as well. By the end of lunch, we had become firm friends and agreed to meet in the same spot next week.

On Monday morning, I was actually looking forward to school and my planned assignation with Bella in the library. Jessica had been particularly nasty to Bella that morning as Mike Newton had paid close attention to Bella in gym class and everybody but Mike, knew that Jessica regarded him as her property. The whole lunchtime was spent dissecting Jessica’s every comment and a discussion of Mike Newton’s manly perfection.

Yes, I was forced to listen to Bella catalogue all of Mike Newton’s finer points for the better part of 30 minutes and as each minute passed, my heart plummeted further into my stomach with the knowledge that Bella only saw me as a friend. It was my own fault. I had sat there through the whole diatribe and agreed with everything Bella said. I argued with myself that I would rather have Bella as a friend than as nothing at all, so I kept quiet about how I really felt.

Not long to wait - just a little fine-tuning and the chapter will be uploaded.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pics for Chapter 10 Scent of a Woman

Thought I would add some pics to this blog as a lot of historical places and things were mentioned in this chapter.

Edwards New Car: 1927 Model T Ford Roadster


Clothes catalogues from the late 1920's show the Norfolk Suit - the one with the man facing backwards and the belt at the back of the suit and men's underwear - just in case you wondering what Edward was wearing under his suit.....oh well maybe that was just me!

1920s Mens Suit catalogue

1920s Mens Underwear catalogue

Bella's black dress with silver detailing is the dress that the woman in the middle of the catalogue is wearing:

1920s Womens Dresses

A picture of the inside of the Palmer House Motel where Edward is staying now(recent) it is now part of the Hilton Group

Palmer House Hotel Lobby

Pictures of the Chicago Theatre (inside and out) where Edward and Elizabeth saw the Jazz Singer


Chap 11 - Chicago Theatre

A still from the movie The Jazz Singer which Edward and Elizabeth saw on their first date.

Still from The Jazz Singer

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Teaser for Chapter 10 - Scent of a Woman

How I hate to start another post with apologies for taking so long to update. I had an epic case of writers block and moving house over the last month. Anyway, Chapter 10 is written and beta'd and just waiting for validation over on

A little teaser for Chapter 10:

Just then, the sun broke through the clouds that had been darkening the meadow and I could tell when Elizabeth saw the reason why I kept to the woods and stayed in the shadows. She shielded her eyes with one hand and reached out the other to touch my face sparkling brightly in the bright midday sun. She gasped in shock and all I heard from both her lips and running through her mind were the words, “Beautiful…so beautiful.”

I ducked my head in embarrassment and this time she lifted my face to hers. “Don’t hide, Edward. I guess this is why vampires don’t come out in the daytime? “I nodded and she continued, “Please tell me you don’t sleep in a coffin like in that movie?” Oh Lord, she had a sense of humor. I loved it!

This time I laughed out loud. “No Liz, my love, I don’t own a coffin and I definitely would never sleep in one, in fact I don’t sleep at all.”

“Not ever? Don’t you get tired?”

“Liz, I haven’t slept since 1918 and no, I don’t get tired. Although I used to long for sleep so that I could dream of you.”

Elizabeth smiled at my words and then looked up at the sky in a panic realizing how late it had become. “Oh dear, I have to go now or I will be late to the hospital.”

The brief moment of sunshine disappeared as quickly as it had come and dark clouds obscured the sun from the meadow. I smiled when I realized that I could prolong my time with Elizabeth. I bowed formally to her and then crooked my elbow, “Shall we, my dear?” Elizabeth threaded her arm through mine and we walked towards town and her volunteer job at the hospital. Elizabeth looked at me uncertainly as we walked up to the front entrance and I assured her I would be waiting at the coffee shop across the road for her at the end of her shift.