Monday, January 18, 2010

Undercover - to be continued

The Roaring Twenties contest has now finished. Congratulations to the winners, they are all wonderful stories :

Readers Choice:
1st Place: The Great Cullen by LexieCullen17
2nd Place: The Cat's Pajama's by il_bel_mondo

Judges Choice:
1st Place: The Great Cullen by LexieCullen17
2nd: Mancaza di Rispetto by Sparabella

Now that the contest has finished, I am planning on continuing the story, so look for an update in a few weeks.

I found this youtube video which shows both the tango and charleston dances from the 1920's

The tango song and dance I used was based on the tango scene from Scent of a Woman with Al Pacina and Gabrielle Anwar:


Friday, January 15, 2010

Surprise! - Entry for An Officer and a Gentleman Contest

This story is a little bit smutty and there is Edward/Jasper slash and Bella added in as a threesome. It is a little bit HOT! and I have no idea where the inspiration came for this one....that's all I'm saying....

Jasper is a Major in the Army and has taken a staff position at West Point. I can't find dress uniforms for the staff - so here are some cadets in dress uniform as inspiration:

Edward is a NYPD cop in the fraud squad

and Bella is a business analyst with the SEC.

Bella has been away for a week and gets an earlier flight home to surprise her husband Edward, but who is more surprised when she walks in the door....

Undercover - Entry for the Roaring Twenties Contest

Just a little fic I posted for the Roaring Twenties comp. It was fun to write. I wanted to try my hand at a little UST so hopefully I acheived that.

Here are some pictures that inspired me to write the story and how the characters/places looked in my head:

Inspiration for Edward in my head: that jaw, that hair, those lips...

Watching Bella in the club...

What I thought Bella looked like in the club when she danced the tango with Edward

The tango as if no-one else was in the room...

this is here just because it is Johnny in the picture dancing...

Capone and his gang..

Three photos of 35 East Wacker - formerly the Jewellers Building - the location

Capone actually owned a speakeasy in the dome of the Jewellers Building called the Stratosphere Lounge....

Banners and Pictures for Scent of a Woman

Edward in the late 1920's mmmmm...

Elizabeth in 1927?

Here is the banner: created very late one night on Paint! but I like it...

Chapter 7 is ready to post, just waiting for validation on twilighted.