Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fandom Fights Tsunami Compilation

As everyone knows a devastating Earthquake and Tsunami hit the coast of Japan in March. With so much devastation and loss of life, the fandom has come together to raise money to help this country recover.  Almost 300 fanfiction writers across a number of fandoms have contributed stories to to make up a compilation, which will be emailed on 20 May 2011 to people who donate a minumum of $10 to the Red Cross up until 1 July 2011.

Here is the link to view the fandom4tsunami blog, and here is the link to Red Cross if you would like to donate. Don't forget to email a copy of the receipt to

I have contributed a one-shot to the compilation called Guardian Angel.

Thank you to vbfb1 for the lovely banner, which I absolutely adore.


Eleazar had lived a happy and fulfilled life, so when he suddenly passed, he was determined that would be his legacy for Edward and Bella, two people who had made the last years of his life so rewarding. The problem: They had yet to meet and had no plans to do so.



Eleazar shook his head disgustedly as he contemplated his two protégés. How the hell did two intelligent, attractive human beings get it so wrong? One had been in a disastrous first marriage, and, since its tumultuous ending, had been single for more than four years, too afraid to dip his toes into the water again. The other was as yet untouched by love, the lukewarm relationships she’d had before were filler, nothing more. Eleazar was running out of patience.

When he was alive, he’d given them ample opportunities to meet, but his carefully thought out plans had always come to naught. For some reason or other, something had always come up and one would not be available when the other one was. He knew that they would be perfect together and was frustrated that he’d never been able to even get them in the same room while he was living.

Edward wasn’t looking forward to working with Isabella Swan either. Her name alone sounded rather pretentious, and he’d worked damn hard over the years to avoid meeting her, especially since Eleazar kept pushing the issue. Edward knew exactly what he’d hoped to achieve by getting them in the same room, but he hardly trusted Eleazar’s judgement regarding suitable women after his less than stellar experiences with Tanya.

He dialed the number noted on Eleazar’s paperwork, and as he waited for the connection, he absentmindedly thought about the woman he’d seen a few times at the shelter. She was very pretty rather than stunning, but with a gentle manner that seemed to draw him in. She was, in fact, the complete opposite of his ice queen ex-wife. He’d first seen her sitting in the common room, surrounded by a multitude of little children staring raptly at her, as she painstakingly showed them how to create art with items from the garden like leaves and flowers, and even a few small twigs. He’d been drawn to peek into the room by the sound of mirth issuing forth and he was curious as to who the tinkling sound belonged to.

The next morning as Bella walked into her office right on the dot of eight am, Jessica was springing up, fresh coffee in hand and all the messages and urgent matters that needed to be looked at before her day fully started. As she flicked through them, she noticed a telephone message from one Edward Cullen. Ah yes. She’d been expecting his call for the last day or so, but dreading it all the same. She was anxious to do a good job on Eleazar’s estate work but at the same time she really was not looking forward to working with this Edward Cullen.

Eleazar had been singing his praises for years and was always trying to get them in the same room. Bella swore Eleazor expected them to take one look at each other and fall madly in love on sight, just because he thought they would be good together. Bella had never had the heart to point out the failed marriage of his own daughter to this guy, was evidence of the fact that he had no idea what he was talking about.

They had barely lasted six months, and from what little Bella had seen of Eleazar’s daughter, she knew Tanya was hardly likely to go for the kind, generous-hearted type from the shelter. No, her tastes ran to the more exotic European man, and apparently each and every one of her tennis coaches over the years. She did not hold out much hope of a speedy resolution of this matter. After seeing the mess of a will, and her expectations of the type of man that Tanya Denali would be interested in, she knew she would have her work cut out for her.

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