Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fandom against Domestic Violence (FaDV) compilation - Heart of Glass

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I have just contributed a one-shot to the Fandom against Domestic Violence compilation.  To see the other authors and more information about the fundraiser, visit the blog here. The compilation of over 100 stories is available for anyone who makes a donation of $10 or more to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence during the month of February 2011  here and then sends a copy of the donation receipt to

The National Coalition page also has a lot of information for women, men & children in a domestic violence situation as well as ways others can help.

This is a cause close to my heart.  I left an abusive relationship with two small children and $20 to my name only through the support of close family and friends. Not everybody has that support and tragedies can and do occur every day.

A Teaser and Banner for my contribution - Heart of Glass

Banner made by the sexy Robrator. To see more of her banner work go here.

Two shattered hearts. Bella is lonely and scared after escaping a violent marriage with two children and a mountain of debt. Edward is jaded and lonely after a stinging betrayal. Can caring for a sick little boy be the glue that puts them back together?


Today was not going to be a good day. To start with, my employers at the stationery wholesale outlet were not very happy that I was taking another half day to take Riley to see the Paediatrician for more tests. It’s not like I didn’t have the time up my sleeve, and I was taking the time as part of my vacation time, which I was fully entitled to.

On top of that, Dr. Volturi had called me to say that he was taking a six months sabbatical to Europe with his wife, and that he had organised a locum to take over his patients for the duration of his absence. He assured me that the locum was highly qualified and that he had gone over Riley’s case file very meticulously with the new doctor. I knew I shouldn’t be worried but I couldn’t help it. Finally I had found a doctor I could put faith into and now he was gone.

I worked the morning at the office, run off my feet, trying to fit a full day’s work into four hours and then after picking up Riley from school, barely made it to the hospital in time for our appointment to see the new doctor. Dr Cullen I think his name is.

The Doctor’s receptionist and her assistant seemed all aflutter, and the mood, although usually upbeat anyway, was positively electric today. From thinking I was going to run late, to cooling my heels in the waiting room for what seemed like forever, I started to notice the odd behaviour of some of the moms exiting the doctor’s office. Was I the only woman not wearing a low cut or partially unbuttoned shirt and an itty bitty skirt today?

Finally it was Riley’s turn, and I could see what all the fuss was about as soon as the receptionist showed us into to the Doctor’s office and introduced us. Edward Cullen was the most singularly attractive man I had ever seen, and he had eyes for no one but my son. Even though this was the same office where we had met Dr Volturi, it felt different with the presence of a different doctor. Nothing was out of place or changed from when I was here, but I felt different. Now, instead of worry for my son, I felt uncomfortably aware of the attractiveness of the good Doctor with his distinctive shock of bronze-colored hair and the most unusual green eyes.

As soon as we were settled in the comfortable chairs next to the Doctor’s desk, Dr. Cullen turned to Riley and said. “Now, Riley, what seems to be the problem?”

I started to list all the symptoms but Dr Cullen raised his finger to his lips and shushed me. Yes…he damn well shushed me.

I opened my mouth to express my displeasure when he leaned closer to Riley and faux whispered, “Oh dear, your mom thinks her name’s Riley. I think she has a case of mistaken identity, what do you think?” and wiggled his eyebrows.

If you are unable to contribute to the cause, don't worry - the one-shot will be posted to my profile in the middle of March sometime after the fundraiser is over.


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teaser - Chapter 14 - Scent of a Woman - Repercussions

Unbelievable as it may seem - yes the next chapter of Scent is off with my beta to pretty it up. While we're waiting, here is a little tease:

From Chapter 13-

The next few minutes were a blur. I remember Edward suddenly jerking his head around towards Alice on the other side of the car and glaring at her. They both just as quickly jerked back towards me and Edward yelled something out to me but a noisy engine and a squeal of tires drowned out his words.

Edward’s arm shot out pointing at something behind me and as if in slow motion, I wheeled around and saw a large blue van careening across the ice straight towards me. Unlike my truck, my feet were not well equipped to deal with an icy surface and as I moved to get out of the way, they failed me. I started sliding and then scrabbling in fear for my life, making me desperate. Out of nowhere, something slammed into my left side and I hit the ground hard, my skull bouncing on the icy cold surface and then there was just nothing but blissful blackness.

I think I must have been dreaming but I could swear there was a faint scent of pine trees, strong arms gently holding me, cold lips caressing my forehead and a whispered litany of words over and over “Not again…please God…not again.”

Tease for Chapter 14: (unbeta'd)

Emmett snapped me out of my morose thoughts by slapping me on the back and giving me a bear hug just before I got into the Volvo. “You will be fine today, little bro! We’ve got your back!”

Why had I never noticed before how much Emmett looks out for me and for the rest of the family? His eternal optimism is actually quite uplifting and I resolve to start the day as I mean it to continue – confident in my ability to pull this off. I hug Emmett back and note his surprise at the feel of my arms around him, squeezing him a little more than was comfortable.

I grin and slip into my seat, Alice and Jasper already buckled in and ready to go. Alice knows something but is taking my request to heart. At the moment instead of giving me a sneak peak of my day she is naming every variation of the color blue. I chuckle at her choice, remembering Bella’s silky blue panties, hidden inside my own underwear drawer, the analogy not lost on me at all.

Once Emmett and Rosalie are ready to go in the Jeep parked alongside, I turn the key in the ignition and jump at the music blaring out of my car speakers. Alice! Muse’s Feeling Good assaults my eardrums and I outright laugh. Both Alice and Jasper do a double take at the happy sound and smile almost as wide as I am. As I drive towards school, all of us hum along until the chorus and then all burst into song at the sheer joy we are feeling…it’s addictive!

It's a new dawn

It's a new day

It's a new life

For me

And I’m feeling good

Alice and I are tapping the drum beats out on the dash and Jasper on the back of my seat as we pull into the school parking lot moments after Bella in her truck. I sit there for a moment to collect myself, taking a deep breath I don’t need before I step out of the Volvo and turn to towards Bella.

She is standing there at the door of her truck, her backpack slung over her shoulders and her hands full with gloves and her iPod. She acknowledges me with a smile and I am transfixed at the sight of her standing there watching at me. I can feel my lips curve upwards of their own volition in response to her avid perusal, it isn’t a conscious action.

Despite the fact that I was by her side only hours ago, I’m instantly drawn to her, instinctively needing to be by her side, to keep her safe and free from harm. I know it’s irrational – I mean really what harm could befall her in a school parking lot surrounded by a ton of students on a day like every other day. I couldn’t help feeling this way though; it’s not as if fate has been kind to me in the matter of love and my soul mate. Time and again the love of my life has been ripped from my life and I am paranoid that it will happen again.

dun dun dun ......

Suz xoxoxoxo