Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teaser for Chapter 9 - Scent of a Woman

Chapter 9 has been written and beta'd and is in the queue for validation over on twilighted. A little teaser for the new chapter:

“Elizabeth….” I started and stopped as her thoughts intruded loudly.

It’s Liz. You used to call me Liz.

I started again, a knowing smile on my face, “Liz, love, it’s important you understand what I am before you make decisions about whether you want to be with me.”

I could sense that she was about to butt in with further protests of her love, but I forestalled her.

“I have told you what Carlisle did to make me as I am today. Liz, I am no longer human. My human form died 3 days after I was bitten; my heart has not pumped at all since then. I became a vampire.”

Liz’s eyes widened and she gulped in a large breath and held it. I started to worry as her lips started to turn blue.

“Liz, breathe, love.”

She inhaled at my words but her thoughts were a jumbled mess. “A Vampire? He is a blood-drinking Vampire? Images from that damn movie, Nosferatu, filled her mind. I was starting to panic, why did she have to see that movie? Now I knew she would be repulsed by me.

There is a youtube clip of highlights from the movie Nosferatu here:


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