Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teaser - Chapter 4 of Menage a Trois - Beautiful

This chapter is in Edwards POV and he has some secrets too....ah seeing a pattern here?

This chapter was going to have a little on Edward meeting Bella and then get on to the good stuff with what happened with Jasper before Bella walked in and surprised them.

But, Edward, being Edward is a bit of a romantic and he likes to take his time when talking about the love he has for Bella....

It was cold and I scooted back into the bed, under the covers, drawing Bella back into my chest. She hummed in pleasure and kissed my shoulder before slipping into a deep sleep. I thought I would be following shortly thereafter but sleep eluded me as I pondered the revelations I had made as we were making love. Yes that’s right, making love. It hadn’t just been sex, not from the first moment I had laid eyes on her.

And then Edward meets Jasper....

After work the next day, I grabbed some beers and Chinese takeout on the way over to Bella’s and arrived just a few minutes late. As I knocked on the door, Bella opened it and then stepped aside to introduce me to Jasper Whitlock, her best friend.

I had only taken two steps into the room, when I looked up, and just stopped. Before me was a very tall, very good looking, blond man in khaki trousers and a black short sleeved shirt. I saw the hint of a tattoo just poking out of the sleeve on his right arm. I felt the breath knocked out of me. This blond god of a man was my fiancĂ©’s best friend?

And then he looked up at me and his cerulean blue eyes just seemed to see right inside me and I shivered.

dun dun dun.....

The chapter is being beta'd right now so hopefully will be in a fit state to be posted soon.


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