Friday, June 11, 2010

Teaser for Chapter 11 - Scent of a Woman - Radiant

Medium Baner - Scent of a Woman

The story so far:

Edward sees Bella in class on her first day in Forks and realizes she is the reincarnation of his first love and soulmate, Elizabeth, who was killed most heinously, leading him to start his vengeful killing spree back in the 1920's. Unfortunately Edward doesn't get his happily ever after when meeting Bella just yet, because unlike Elizabeth, Bella is his singer and he nearly kills her himself in the classroom.

Carlisle comes up with a plan to desensitise Edward to Bella's blood so that he can be around her without killing her. While he is submerging himself in Bella's scent, Edward reminisces about his love for her in her previous life when her name was Elizabeth...

In the last chapter, Edward finally revealed himself to Elizabeth after realizing that he knew her when he was human and they have just gone on their first date to the cinema and then onto to supper...

Dancing with Elizabeth was like nothing I had ever known before. My entire body was alive with an electric charge where we touched. Her slender fingers gathered in my hand, the warmth of her body burning through the material of my jacket and shirt, all the way through to my sensitive skin beneath. The soft warmth of her cheek resting against the cold skin of my neck and her generous breasts squashed against my chest, the inside of my thigh against her hip as I led her around the floor.

Every sense I possessed was attuned to every nuance of her breath, every tiny movement she made, every thought running through her mind. So much so that all the other voices in my head were muted and all I could hear was her thoughts and her infinite joy in being held in my arms again.

I glanced around and confirmed that we were alone in the room before I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

“Elizabeth, one day, if it is the very last thing I do, we will be living in Paris. You will be painting and I will be composing. We will have our happy ever after. I promise you.”

The sound of a throat clearing behind me, jerked me to my senses. In that short time, a couple of old men had entered the room and were glaring at us. I must confess, being around Elizabeth was proving that whenever she was near, I was oblivious to the world around me. Only she existed for me.

Elizabeth blushed and confirmed that she was ready to leave. We sauntered out of the room and one of the old men winked at me as I walked past. He was thinking that if he was younger he would have given me a run for my money with the beautiful young lady. My arm crept around Elizabeth’s waist then and as she looked at me quizzically, I muttered “Dirty old man.”

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