Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pics for Chapter 10 Scent of a Woman

Thought I would add some pics to this blog as a lot of historical places and things were mentioned in this chapter.

Edwards New Car: 1927 Model T Ford Roadster


Clothes catalogues from the late 1920's show the Norfolk Suit - the one with the man facing backwards and the belt at the back of the suit and men's underwear - just in case you wondering what Edward was wearing under his suit.....oh well maybe that was just me!

1920s Mens Suit catalogue

1920s Mens Underwear catalogue

Bella's black dress with silver detailing is the dress that the woman in the middle of the catalogue is wearing:

1920s Womens Dresses

A picture of the inside of the Palmer House Motel where Edward is staying now(recent) it is now part of the Hilton Group

Palmer House Hotel Lobby

Pictures of the Chicago Theatre (inside and out) where Edward and Elizabeth saw the Jazz Singer


Chap 11 - Chicago Theatre

A still from the movie The Jazz Singer which Edward and Elizabeth saw on their first date.

Still from The Jazz Singer

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