Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pic and teaser for Chap 3 of Menage a Trois

Coming up soon - Chapter 3: Jasper's POV

MaT - Library

I found out that day that Bella had only moved to town a few weeks earlier than I had and she had thought that she had become friends with Jessica and Lauren. Once the novelty of hanging out with the new girl had worn off, they had reverted to their normal selves. The last week had been a litany of nasty comments about her lack of trendy clothes, her boring brown hair and eyes, her lack of make-up and being the police chief’s goody two- shoes daughter.

Today they had started on the absence of her mother and she had fled to the library to stay out of their way. I shyly admitted to hiding out as well, although Bella confessed to not understanding why such a cute boy was worried about being picked on. I blushed, and once Bella realized what she had said, she blushed as well. By the end of lunch, we had become firm friends and agreed to meet in the same spot next week.

On Monday morning, I was actually looking forward to school and my planned assignation with Bella in the library. Jessica had been particularly nasty to Bella that morning as Mike Newton had paid close attention to Bella in gym class and everybody but Mike, knew that Jessica regarded him as her property. The whole lunchtime was spent dissecting Jessica’s every comment and a discussion of Mike Newton’s manly perfection.

Yes, I was forced to listen to Bella catalogue all of Mike Newton’s finer points for the better part of 30 minutes and as each minute passed, my heart plummeted further into my stomach with the knowledge that Bella only saw me as a friend. It was my own fault. I had sat there through the whole diatribe and agreed with everything Bella said. I argued with myself that I would rather have Bella as a friend than as nothing at all, so I kept quiet about how I really felt.

Not long to wait - just a little fine-tuning and the chapter will be uploaded.


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