Sunday, October 3, 2010

My entry in the anonymous In the Closet Contest - Covet

..........and you all  thought I was being lazy over the last month because there were no Scent or Menage updates!

I wrote a little (ok - a not so little) Edward/Jasper vamp slash one-shot for the anonymous In the Closet contest.  The contest has finished and the winners were announced this morning so we can post on our profiles now- congrats to Angstgoddess003 and PastichePen for first  and second place wins in the M/M category - lovely stories.   If you haven't already, go here to read all the entries from the contest.

Here is the banner for my one-shot - Covet - made by the lovely Christine from Christag_banners

And the link to the fic on my Fan Fiction profile is here.

The one-shot is written completely from Jasper's POV

What do you do when you meet the love of your existence a year after you marry the saviour of your soul?  Edward and Jasper thought they were doomed to a life of longing and regret until they meet someone who holds the key to unlock their future.

Hope you enjoy.


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