Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3rd Place Winner - anon Beautiful Edward Challenge - Beauty Crowds Me

Hi All,

I'm so excited and needed to share - my little one shot 'Beauty Crowds Me' won 3rd place in the Beautiful Edward Challenge yesterday. It was an anonymous contest so this is the first time its been posted on my profile.  I received a 3rd place banner for "Delectable Edward" as the prize :-)

Yay - my fave Edward doing the STRUT from New Moon. Sigh!

Here is a little banner I made for the story on Paint...it's basic but I think it conveys what the story is about:

Summary: Edward is beautiful, of that there is no doubt. His looks have opened so many doors for him, but it has closed just as many others. Has the door slammed shut on what he truly wants? Beautiful Edward Challenge Entry.

Link to Beauty Crowds Me on my fanfiction profile here

Link to Beautiful Edward Challenge entries here if you would like to read the other entries to the contest

Congratulation to the other winners - albymangroves, mpg82 and ILoveTweedward :-)


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Alby Mangroves said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Aren't those girls great? I love my banner too, I can't believe I get to have two!! SUch a cool story, thanks for writing and sharing it, and well done ! xAM