Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teaser - Chapter 6 of Menage a Trois - Camaraderie

Finally Chapter 6 of Menage a Trois is with my beta so thought I would send out a little teaser while your waiting.

First some pic teasers:

And now for the unbeta'd tease:

Once Jasper was settled into West Point, he had a lot more free weekends and spent all of them with us in New York. I hadn’t had a really close male friend for years, probably not since college, and Jasper surprisingly filled that role with little effort, despite his past with Bella. I’d known the boys from the work band for longer, and although they were all good mates, we usually only hung out on a group basis, never really one on one.

Jasper and I bonded over our love of music initially. Whenever he was in town, we spent hours together mucking around on my guitars and some of my other instruments. Hours disappeared as if they were mere minutes in his company. Jasper was a whizz at finger style blues guitar which I had only ever dabbled in before and we spent many an afternoon with Jasper teaching me some of his favorite old blues songs. He was a great teacher…very patient and focused. In return I taught him some classical songs including a version of Clare de Lune written for two guitars. It was one of my favorite pieces and sounded amazing with our two guitars harmonizing.

Bella was usually quite content to sit and listen or read a book while we jammed together. She refused to let me teach her, although I would’ve dearly loved to and I’d tried to convince her to let me a number of times over the last few months. She kept insisting that an old boyfriend had tried, but that she was all thumbs and she just wasn’t coordinated enough. The boyfriend, James, had ended up frustrated with her and all they’d done was fight. She didn’t want that to happen with us and she kept reminding me that she was more than happy to simply be my groupie.

Tonight, as usual I gave in, probably because I loved it when Bella wanted to role play…and holy hell my favorite was when she pretended to be my groupie. So sue me…who wouldn’t like their woman going all fangirl over them?


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