Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fandom for Preemies - Mistress of My Heart - to be continued...

I have just posted my contribution to the Fandom for Preemies compilation - Mistress of my Heart.  This one-shot is now being extended into a full length fic after Christmas....

Summary: No one would accuse Edward of having a submissive personality but when he believes that Bella is leaving him for his own good he’s determined to do anything to keep Bella in his life…even if it means relinquishing complete control to the love of his life.

I have 3 banners for the story and can't choose between them so all 3 are below:

Christine from Christag_Banners (bannermaker extraordinaire and all round cool chick) made the first two and I was mucking around one night with a free program and made the final one after I had written the story. 

A little teaser:

I had never thought of myself as a weak man or possessing any kind of a submissive nature. Quite the opposite, in fact. My job was in senior management at a large corporation – Financial Controller of Cullen Enterprises, and I directly managed a team of fifty accountants, planners and clerical staff. I was used to making decisions and giving orders all day, every day and, on most occasions, I also chaired the Board Meetings as the current Chairman since Carlisle Cullen himself, had recently moved into semi-retirement in order to spend time with his wife, Esme.

However, I loved it whenever Bella took the initiative in the bedroom, her every action showing me how much she loved and desired me. These times had been so freeing for me, giving the power to someone else, not having to be the one always responsible for making decisions, to be able to simply feel and respond.

My future happiness was dependent on this night and right at this moment my gut was churning and I could feel myself starting to even sweat a little at the thought that this last ditch attempt with Bella might fail.

Not to be too melodramatic, but the rest of my life would be determined by what would take place in this room over the next few hours. I was nervous about what I hoped would happen. But I was equally determined to move forward with my plan for the evening. I had never done anything like this, but then again, I had never faced anything like the last six months before and I was prepared to do anything it took.

To be quite honest, I think Bella is planning on leaving me. She has been more distant with me than ever before and keeps telling me that I deserve someone who is not as broken as she is. She is trying to do the right thing by me, even though I constantly tell her that the right thing for me is to be with her, in whatever capacity she wants. She hasn’t agreed with me for months.

My plan to relinquish complete control to Bella in the bedroom is my last ditch effort to save our relationship.

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